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Helping our clients get the most out of their Medicare

Known as the Medicare guy, Bill Gardner and his associates have been helping clients navigate Medicare for more than 15 years. Based in north Florida, Gardner and Company has been in the insurance industry for nearly 50 years and has always been an independent agency in order to put clients' needs first. Insurance plans' benefits and costs are standardized, so it doesn't cost any more to use an agent. We're paid by the insurance companies to help Medicare beneficiaries. We serve as your advocate when these Medicare plans change from year to year and cater to your changing needs throughout retirement.

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 Navigating your Medicare choices

When you become eligible for Medicare, you have many choices regarding your coverage. Plans differ drastically from carrier to carrier, and enrollment is limited to small windows. Furthermore, you could face penalties if you miss important deadlines. It's important to trust a professional to represent you just like we've done for thousands of happy clients.

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